Personalisation or delayed differentiation

Streamline your packaging needs according to your market visibility.

Produce your media in a 'neutral' format, showing only the common wording such as your logo, address, barcode area, brand name etc.  Overprint can then step in at the last minute to print the variable wording (barcodes, batch number, product reference, ingredients list etc) across your ranges. Overprint offers the facility to stock your neutral packaging for free, so we're always on hand for rush jobs.

Delayed differentiation allows you to produce a single base product rather than several, making it easier to manage your packaging.


Marketing advantages:

  Launching pilot products

  Surveying new markets

  Improving commercial visibility

  Breaking into exporting

Production advantages:

  Free computerised stock control of your neutral packaging

  Reduces your stock levels

  Quick turnarounds or pre-scheduled projects

  Printing for small and medium quantities

For or an assessment of your needs and a quote, please send us: around ten samples, your specifications and a vectorised design file in Adobe Illustrator format to:

Service commercial 

2139 Route de Grasse

06600 ANTIBES France


Examples of completed projects

 Exemples de réalisations
  Personalization of the front and the bar code of a case of Lipstick  
  Personalization of the reference and the text of ingredients on a Case of Lipstick  
  Declension of a range of Lip gloss case  
  Personalization of a case according to a reference  
  Personalization of a case according to a reference  
  Personalization of a case according to a reference  
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