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OVERPRINT: Overprinting in any shape and size! 
OVERPRINT was created in 1995 and was rewarded for its unique expertise by winning the

OSCAR DE L’EMBALLAGE - IFEC 1998 (PACKAGING OSCAR - French Institute of Packing and Packaging),                             

OVERPRINT has developed an exclusive overprinting process, and has patented many of its unique production techniques. 

OVERPRINT offers a multitude of services, principally: 
     Packaging reprocessing or Overprinting (retouching after blacking out)
     Industrial branding 
     Silkscreen print branding 
     Label production
     Customised packaging

OVERPRINT has the solution to all your printing problems: 

     A variety of media:   



Packaging or finished products, cases – tubes – bottles – boxes – aerosols – brochures etc.

cardboard – glass – plastic – metal – paper.

Integrating all the marketing/design features required by the brand whilst truly taking into account the customers' needs and requirements.


Our commitments:
Several cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food-processing and industrial brands have already been impressed by our professional approach.

     Production monitoring:
We follow extremely strict procedures and operate if necessary under the control of a chief pharmacist seconded to our site. We also submit a production monitoring and quality control report at the start of the job.

     Rapid response:
A mock-up and quote within 24 hours of receiving the content.

     Cost management
Superior quality at a cost that's often less than many other alternative solutions such as the use of adhesive labels.

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