Reprocessing of packaging


Give your packaging and packaged products a new lease of life!

By choosing to overprint, you can avoid having to destroy your packaging and products which have become obsolete. We can help by modifying just the incorrect area only, by blanking out the non-required information and reprinting the new elements.

OVERPRINT reconditions your non-compliant finished packaging and/or products ready for re-use. 

    Adding text and/or visual information,
    Modifying barcodes, lists of ingredients, regulatory text, changing a price or an address,
    Blanking out irrelevant wording.

    Discreet and high quality,
    Costs less than re-manufacturing your packaging,
    More aesthetic than adding a sticky label.    

For an assessment of your needs and a quote, please send us:
around ten samples, your specifications and a vectorised design file in Adobe Illustrator format to:
Service commercial

2139 Route de Grasse

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 Exemples de réalisations
  Modification of a barcode on a foundation folding carton  
  Modification of the capacity  
  Modification the ingredients list (economic version)  
  Overprinting of a whole face on a finished product  
  Modification of a sigle letter  
  modification of an expiration date and a batch number  
  Modification of a product name  
  Overprint text in Japanese for export  
  Modification of a brand name  
  Modification of an address (economic version)  
  Changing application advice  
  Modifying a number in a ingredients list  
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