Silkscreen print branding

Overprint silkscreen prints all your branding onto your packaging or products.

We silkscreen print onto the following different media:
        Glass bottles (frosted, lacquered, opaque or varnished) or aluminium bottles,
        Flexible tubes and bottles (PE, PET, PP etc),
        Candle votives, pots and bottles.

As part of the service, we offer free computerised stock control of your neutral products to guarantee an optimised response and extremely fast turnaround times. 


For an assessment of your needs and a quote, please send us:
around ten samples, your specifications and a vectorised design file in Adobe Illustrator format to:

Service commercial

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  Screenprinting of your glass flasks  
  Printing aluminium aerosols  
  Printing on plastic tube  
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  Screenprinting on glass flasks  
  Printing on aluminum flask  
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