Customised packaging


Correcting an error spotted after your products are packaged requires them to be unpackaged, corrected and then repackaged. 

Overprint can take this whole process on board to ensure a rapid and efficient turnaround of your products.

We also offer pure packaging services, giving our clients the advantages of streamlining their production needs, reducing their fixed costs and externalising this procedure.

We therefore offer:
          Solid product filling,
          Counting / weighing of granules, capsules, bath pearls,
          Labelling, inkjet batch numbering,
          Shrink-wrapping in batches or individually,
          Filling display units, assembling, setting up advertising displays,  
          Quality control monitoring of finished / semi-finished products.


For an assessment of your needs and a quote, please send us:
around ten samples and your specifications to:

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  Conditionnement de tubes dans des coffrets  
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